DIY Star Wars Baby Mobile

Star Wars has always been a very special bond between my Husband and I. On our first date we went to go see the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We were married on May 4th (Star Wars Day) and Jack’s middle name is Harrison, after Harrison Ford. So naturally when I found out we were having a boy, I had to create a Star Wars nursery for him. Including making this Star Wars Mobile. Here is how you do it.

Gather your supplies:

1. Itty Bittys from Hallmark are perfect for your baby mobile. They can be found here.

2. Mobile arm can be found here.

3. I couldn’t find a small Death Star from the Itty Bittys collection so I found this one on Amazon.

4. Thick black thread.

5. Sewing needle.


1. You will need to poke a hole into the top of each Itty Bitty character.

2. Thread the black yarn through each hole using the sewing needle.

3. Triple knot the yarn and then thread the excess yarn through one of the arms at the top of the mobile. Triple knot there as well. You might have different lengths for each Itty Bitty and that’s OK.

4. Each Itty Bitty should hang on it’s own mobile arm, except for the middle one. For that one I added Darth Vader underneath the Death Star one. 

5. Have fun with it.

Happy Decorating! 



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